Case Study


This project began as an environmentally-aware self-build. The clients began the groundwork then hired us to build out the timber framing required. After working with us, and realising the challenge they had set themselves, they took advantage of our experience to help complete the project.


The plan was to create a large link extension between the existing cottage and outbuilding. There were a few challenges that included a large wall with a curve, and a complicated roof arrangement which all needed to be accommodated.

We worked with a hempcrete contractor on the final finish of the building. A modern equivalent of wattle and daub, Hempcrete, also known as hemplime, is a bio-composite material that can be used in construction as an alternative to materials such as concrete and traditional insulation.

Flexible working

We assisted with the kitchen and bathroom demolition, and worked flexibly with an engineer to cater for changes as the project progressed, including the retro-fit of a feature corner window which became the focus of the kitchen.

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