Case Study

GLASS AND Oak Timber Frame EXTENSION in SOUTH Norfolk

When we began this project, our clients had planning permission for a standard garden room extension, but weren’t entirely sure that’s what they wanted, so we worked with them to make the most of beautiful views, and to suit the house.


We suggested a new design with a very steep roof pitch, which matched the house and local surrounding area styles. The building needed to be wide, to match the proportions of the house, but also needed to accommodate existing windows.

We worked with an architect to make amendments to the initial design. It was taken through planning again successfully, and we built and installed to a final finish. 

We used English Oak and the glass has a higher energy rating with a much lower U value than usual, in order to counteract the loss of heat usually experienced with glass

Attention to Detail

Every one of our dry oak pegs are hand hewn in our Heydon joiners workshop so that the natural fibre of the wood isn’t broken. Dry oak pegs are used in a green oak frame to absorb moisture.

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